Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guess I havent been updating this quite as much as I would like. Long story short, Kathryn and I got engaged  and are now married! We are looking to continue blogging but having 2 blogs is pretty inefficient so I will will redirect anyone wishing to know whats happening to check out her Animal Lover blog provided in the links.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What a December

Yeah I know I know..... I havent posted anything for the whole month... but thats because it has been absolutely crazy! ( in a very good way too)

Since I have this job at the Academy of Canine Behavior I have been enabled to actually get some gifts for people! So Kathryn and I have been trying to think of things to get for people, and so far we are very happy with what we have found! Just a couple more things left over and we'll be good to go!

Speaking of Presents I am having a lot of fun creating one for Kathryn. It hasnt quite turned out exactly how I really really want it to be, but it is VERY close. It isnt quite done but its on the final stages and nearly ready for Delivery on the 24th! I took a couple pictures of it and I am very happy with how it is turning out. I have been trying to drop some good hints to get her thinking about what It could possibly be, but its hard to give ones that get close to the mark without revealing it! I am completely excited to see this on Christmas day!

Since the beginning of the month I got out of school for the quarter, pretty sure I have passed with another 4.0. I still have a test to take the Thursday before I get back but should I pass this one and also the Powerplant course final I will be eligible to take the FAA written exams!! After that it is just the oral and practical test and then I get my first license! 

At the beginning of the month Kathryn and I went to the Kirkland tree lighting. We would have preferred to see the Seattle lighting but with traffic and threats from the Occupy Seattle movement we decided it was best to hold off this year.

This last Saturday our family had a little thanksgiving dinner. I was hoping Kathryn could come but she was sick, I really missed her. We played the table game "In a Pickle" and it turned out really good. Mom was reading stories to Caleb but was really tired and kept falling asleep. Caleb had to keep calling out to her to wake her up.

This last Saturday Kathryn and I went to the Bellvue Botanical Gardens " Garden Dlights" display! It was very beautiful, and another great way to spend a Saturday!

Not too long until Christmas! I cant wait to celebrate with both my family and Kathryn's family!

Monday, November 28, 2011

A little behind

Well, not too much so but in the past week quite a few things happened and Im just putting this in as a summary. Pictures and so on will come a bit later. First things first, I finished the wood wing rib that I was working on in class. I will be posting a series of pictures displaying the stages in which it was built!

This last week was Thanksgiving break and it was good to have some time off from school. Mercedes came back on Tuesday and probably took her 6 hours due to snow in the passes and huge backups. Thursday we had thanksgiving dinner at Nathan and Krystals place and it was a very good meal. I wasnt able to eat too much though, but it led to some good leftovers!

The highlight of the week had to be Saturday. Kathryn had wanted to go to the Kirkland tree lighting so I went along. She dressed Oscar up in a Santa suit and Sadie had a little T-shirt that says " Sorry Santa, I ate all the cookies" which she would definitely do if given the opportunity. Many people were excited to see them walking around and it was fun to see their reactions when the spotted Oscar and Sadie. The tree lighting part of the event was very fun, but the announcer really REALLY wanted to make it drag on. One announcement after another... and rambling delayed it but finally they lit the tree. Once again Kathryn has the photos so I suggest checking out her blogs! Afterward we went on a quick walk along the waterfront at Marina Park and thought it may just be a great spot for viewing New Years fireworks at the Space Needle from a distance... hmmm

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Its Official!

Michelle has said that I am working at the Academy for sure! So now I can work M-F 3:00 to 7:00 pm. Its good to be working for once, and all thanks to Kathryn and her brother Dan!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Toy Story!

So after working at the doggie daycare, Kathryn and I went to the Toy Story 3 on ice at Everett Comcast arena and it was absolutely amazing! It was loosely based around Toy story 3 where Andy was getting ready to put the toys in the attic, so the toys got out and started reminiscing about their adventures. ( Basically this was an excuse to show the favorite moments and toys from the first 2 movies!) Some favorite parts where when emperor zerg came to fight buzz, "When she loved me" song and the aliens that worship the claw! Kathryn once again has all the pictures because her camera is just that great! Mine would have taken super dark and grainy pictures and probably would have run out of space and battery too quickly. It turned out to be a perfect evening, couldnt have turned out any better!

Working Interview!

So today after school I got to finally meet Michelle and the other workers at the Academy of Canine Behavior and then got to play with the dogs in the daycare building! This work interview is 3 days, I'll continue it on Monday and Tuesday to basically get the hang of what my duties will be while I'm there! I can see why Kathryn likes the place so much! The moment I got inside the play area I was surrounded by dogs all wanting to play. Its a busy job but a lot of fun! I see myself become a whole ton more active should this translate into an official job
 ( which I expect it to)
Honestly its great to be doing something and actually earning money!
愛する Kathryn!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Doggie Day Care!

So Im sure you have already seen many times I say how amazing Kathryn is, and this is yet another example!

So I have been looking for work for the better part of a year, but many factors are working against me in this regard. First and most obvious is the economy, but thats not all of it. Next I dont actually have any full time or part time work experience. Although I have many many volunteer activities, and 2 seasons of helping UPS drivers as the dude that rides in the seat and runs packages to doors while he gets the next set ready... I have nothing as true documented full time work experience. Another problem is my school schedule.... its Monday-Friday from 8:00 am until 2:30 pm (typically) and not many jobs were too enthusiastic with hiring someone able to work from approx. 3pm and on. Last but not least... not too many places are happy with my choice not to work on Sundays... which is a shame.

I had mentioned this to Kathryn probably more times than she probably cared to hear but we were both kind of stuck with trying to find any kind of work that would help us with our various expenses ( school for me). Kathryn had talked about her times at the Academy of Canine Behavior and at the time, I enjoyed the stories but didnt really apply them to myself possibly working there.... Well recently her brother Dan, who works there mentioned that someone from the evening shift ( pretty much 3pm til 7 ish---- perfect!) would be leaving soon and that position opening. Kathryn remembered this and talked to him to have him refer me to his boss.

Well I recieved the call today about 15 minutes before I had lunch and by the afternoon when I returned from school I was able to call back and now I have scheduled a working interview tomorrow at 3:00! It seems like I will have 3 days of working interviews to see if they want to keep me! All of this wouldnt have been possible had Kathryn not remembered and Dan hadnt mentioned that! Its funny too, because Dan's boss said that she was confident Dan wouldnt just recommend anyone that he didnt want to work with so I am glad I have his confidence too!

Thank you Kathryn and Dan, I love your family!